2019 Rule Changes

As you know the rules of golf changed effective January 1, 2019.  This was the first major change since 1984.  The USGA has the complete ‘Rules of Golf Book’ in pdf format on their web site. You can see the new layout, wording and the condensing of 34 rules to 24 rules.

Should you Putt with the Flagstick In or Out?
Here’s the answer (click here)

Here’s a great video about the major golf rules changes for 2019.

Take 10 minutes to see what changed.

Explanation for Each Major Change in the New Rules of Golf for 2019: (click here) 

Go to www.usga.org and click on Playing, Rules,  then 2019: Golf New Rules

Overview of the Rules Modernization Initiative: Goals, Changes and Process for Implementation in 2019 (click here)

For a list of Major Changes (click here)

For The Rules of Golf for 2019 (click here) (162 page PDF file)

Remember “It is what you think you know is what you don’t know”.

Roger Val
Rules Chairman