FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills?

Pick up and fill out the membership application which can be found in the pro shop across from the posting computer. Attach a check for the amount indicated on the application form and place both in the Men’s Club drawer below the application holder or mail to the Membership Chairman listed on the application. (Note – the application can also be downloaded from the Home Page of the website @ www.MGCLH.club)

What is HOLE-IN-ONE Insurance?

Part of your member dues entitles anyone who makes a hole-in-one during a MGCLH tournament to $250 worth of insurance to cover a bar bill. This is not a cash prize to be taken home or cash that will be given, but a means of protecting the lucky golfer and his wallet after the round.

When I join the Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills, does that include my membership in the NCGA, the agency that keeps track of your index/handicap?


Can I join the Men’s Club if I do not have a GHIN (Handicap) number?

Yes, one will be assigned to you when your membership application is processed with our club and with NCGA.

Can I join the Men’s Club if I do not live in Lincoln Hills?


How do I register to play in the monthly tournaments?

You can sign up by going to the MGCLH website @ www.MGCLH.club and click on the appropriate button or link.

How can I play in the Tuesday “sweeps?”

The Tuesday tournaments are arranged by the Lincoln Hill Golf Course management.  Send an email to Sherrill Slotsve: [email protected] and
request to be added to the email list for “Sweeps”. She will then send you a notice with Golf Genius with a link to either “play” or “not play”. “Sweeps” are
held every Tuesday the Men’s Club does not have a tournament with a $3 buy-in. Payouts are added to your Pro Shot account with all monies collected
used for those payouts.

There is a problem with the Tuesday sweeps, can you fix it?

The Tuesday sweeps are run by the golf course staff in the pro shop, not the Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills. Please contact them regarding any issues with the Tuesday sweeps.

The score card I turned in at the end of the round has a different score than the results page you sent out, What do I do?

Call the tournament chairman. There is a 90% chance you added incorrectly. Also, the score is adjusted for ESC before posting to NCGA.