Posting Guidelines

(updated January 2021)

The Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills requires all members to submit all acceptable rounds of golf as soon as possible after the round is played to insure the most accurate handicap information is available.  Preferably, this will be accomplished before midnight on the day of play whenever possible.  This will ensure equitable play and handicapping for all our tournaments.  Remember to use the maximum hole score of “net double bogey” as described in The Rules of Handicapping, Rule 3-1b. This is calculated as PAR + 2 + number of handicap stroke(s) a player receives on that hole.

The players responsibility is as laid out in the Rules of Handicapping:

– Act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain from using, or circumventing, the Rules of Handicapping for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage,

– Attempt to make the best score possible at each hole,

– Submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after the round is completed and before midnight local time,

– Submit acceptable scores to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability,

– Play by the Rules of Golf, and

– Certify the scores of fellow players.

Reports of violations of these rules will be investigated and if found to be true, could result in punishment.  Punishment ranges from warnings to suspensions and finally removal from the Men’s Club.

For questions, please click on the following link: (  for “The Rules of Handicapping” or contact your Handicap Chairman Rob Davies: [email protected]