Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills (MGCLH)! We trust this will be a positive experience for you and that you will come to appreciate the value of membership in our club. The following information is to help you understand how our monthly tournaments as well as the Lincoln Hills Golf Club “sweeps” operate and how to post your scores. First, one must be a resident of Sun City Lincoln Hills to be a member of the Men’s Golf Club. Membership in the Men’s Club includes membership in the NCGA – which means we are subject to all rules and regulations that govern clubs.

Men’s Club Tournaments: The Tournament Schedule for our club can be found on this website under Tournaments, as well as Upcoming Events. Approximately 3 weeks prior to each event, an e-mail is sent out to all members announcing the tournament and posted on the Men’s Club bulletin board located just outside the Pro Shop. For most events you will sign up on-line either from the email notice for the tournament or the web site. Preliminary and Final Pairings are e-mailed to all members.  Results are e-mailed after each event and posted on our website. Note – We post your scores for those Men’s Club tournaments which are played in a posting format.  Payouts are made in Pro Shop Credit to flight winners, closest to the pin on all par 3’s, and long drive.  We also have designated Hole-in-One holes for $250 in each of our Men’s Club tournaments (until it is won!). Sponsor Penny Carolan has one special par 3 she pays $25 to the closest to the pin with winners during the year participating in a “shoot out” during one of our fall tournaments with Penny donating another prize to winners.  Our Tournament Chairman handles parceling out the tournament winnings in credits that are available for use in the Pro Shop.  It is up to each winner to claim his winnings. For the most part, participation in the tournaments requires only paying the green fees with prize money coming from dues and sponsor fees. There may be some special tournaments that do have a registration fee. In addition to a variety of tournament formats, we also have the NCGA Qualifier event.  Please note that in addition to the par three prizes mentioned, there is hole-in-one insurance in the amount of up to $250 to help the lucky golfer with the bar bill.  (No cash given, only reimbursement for Sports Bar bill and tip)

CVS: Being a member of the Men’s Club also allows you to become a member of the Central Valley Seniors Group at an additional cost of $40 per year.  CVS members are invited to play in one-day tournaments at several private country clubs from Lincoln Hills to Elk Grove and Rancho Murietta to Yolo Flyers.  Green fees are a maximum of $60 per round (less if you walk rather than ride) and that includes a very nice hot meal.  Contact Board member Wayne Sutton for more details.  (see Board Members on the website for contact information)

Men’s Day Sweeps occurs every Tuesday on which the Men’s Club does not have a tournament scheduled. These Tuesday “sweeps” are put on by the Pro Shop and not affiliated with the men’s club and are open for anyone to play who has a handicap. To play in the sweeps you need to contact Sherrill Slotsve ([email protected]) and ask to be added to the email list for “Sweeps”.  She will send you an email with a link to either play or not play each week. Pairings are sent out as an email with starting holes as this event is a shotgun start. Most of the sweeps players are Men’s Club members, but you do not have to be a member to participate in the sweeps. The Pro Shop charges a $3 fee to play. Results of winners are also sent out by email. Note – do not post your own scores for the Men’s Day Sweeps because the Pro Shop will post the scores!  Winners are paid in Pro Shop credit. The Men’s Club has nothing to do with putting on the Men’s Day Sweeps.

By the way, to post your scores, you can do that in the Pro Shop using their computer and your GHIN number or you can go directly to the NCGA website (www.ncga.org) and post on-line. Once on their site, you sign in by using your last name and GHIN and then create a profile.  Once in, go to the website and you will find it easy to navigate around the site.  Scores can be posted Hole-by-Hole or Front-Back totals.  There are also instructions about making sure you reduce the number of strokes on a particularly bad hole by clicking on the Equitable Stroke Control tab.

For other Men’s Club information, please refer to our website (www.MGCLH.club). Important notifications of Member Meetings will be included. We do want to encourage all our new members to be considerate of one another by keeping up the pace of play as well as repairing ball marks on the green, filling your divots on the fairways, and raking bunkers. The divot/mark you fix may spare you of landing in one or the other on another occasion.

Again, thank you for becoming a member of the Men’s Golf Club and see you on the course.

Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills 

Updated March 2024