Course Care Committee – Mission Statement

The Lincoln Hills Golf Club Course Care Committee is a dynamic and diverse assembly of the Sun City Lincoln Hills golfing community, residents and the LHGC management team. Collectively, we are dedicated to serving as a conduit of continued interaction between course, residents and guests. We are committed to the interchange of course and community specific ideas and affairs.

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Golf Items For Sale – Terms & Conditions

This page is for MGCLH Members only. Items listed For Sale or Wanted must be Golf related. For example: used clubs, pull carts, electric golf carts, etc. Businesses will not be allowed to post items. The Webmaster and Board of Directors reserve the right to reject any items they deem not appropriate. To post an item please provide the following information to WebMaster Fred Jaicks – [email protected]

Name, phone number, email name, item description, amount and pictures.
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Disclaimer: MGCLH does not endorse any of these items or receive any donations from their purchase. Sales are strictly individual to individual.


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