Pace of Play Policy

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1.  Play “Ready Golf.”  If you are ready, hit the ball.
2.  Drop your cart partner off and go to your ball; after you hit, go back and pick up your partner.
3.  Read your putt while you are waiting for your turn to putt.
4.  Avoid marking putts close to the hole; putt out.  (Assuming you will not stand in someone’s line.)
5.  If you think your ball may be OB or lost, hit a provisional.  (Remember to declare it.)
6.  If you need extra time to get to your cart, start early.
7.  After you hit, take your club with you into the cart; you can put it away when you get your next club.
8.  A good joke or story should be reserved for times other than on the tee box, fairway or green when a player is able to hit.

Men’s Golf Club of Lincoln Hills USGA PACE OF PLAY POLICY

PACE OF PLAY POLICY: Rule 6-7 states, in part: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by The Committee,” and thereafter prescribes penalties for slow play. In order to prevent any such penalty we suggest that you review carefully the following guidelines.

Allotted Time: The overall time is 4 hours and 30 minutes for each course.

Definition of “Out of Position”: Any group will be considered out of position if it (a) is taking more than the allotted time to play AND (b) the group has arrived at the teeing ground and the group in front:

Par 3 – has cleared the next tee
Par 4 – has cleared the putting green of the hole being played
Par 5 – is on the putting green of the hole being played

Out of Position: If a group is out of position, a rover will monitor it. The group will be notified that they are out of position and they are being timed. Each player must not take more than 40 seconds to hit their shot when it is their turn to play.

Pace of Play Penalties:

One bad time for more than 40 seconds – Warning
A second bad time – 1 stroke penalty
A third bad time – Additional 2 stroke penalty
A fourth bad time – Disqualification

NOTE: If the group in question regains its proper position, any previous timing of more than 40 seconds will be carried over for the remainder of the round in the event that the group requires additional monitoring.


May 23, 2018