Signup for Spring Scramble – June 7, 2022

The Deadline for Registration is Monday May 30th, 2022

Tee Times:  8am – 10:00am
Hills and Orchard Courses
Holes #1 and #10

Sign-Up as a Single – The Tournament Software will assign the 4-man Team Partners

The “ABCD” Teams will be automatically created by the Tournament Software, so that all Team handicaps are as equal as possible.  (“A” player would have the lowest handicap, “D” player would have the highest handicap)

In a Scramble, all players hit a tee-shot, then the Team chooses the one best shot following every stroke, with each Team member then playing again from that one spot.

Each player must use 3 Tee-Shots (Par 3 holes included)

White Tees are standard.  However, any Player may sign-up for the Green or Red Tees if they play and post from those tees more than 50% of the times they play that course.

​The Survivor Rule is in effect on Hills #2 and Orchard #3 for those aged 80 years or more on June 7, 2022.

Handicaps effective on June 4, 2022 will be used for final 4-some creation.  Team Playing Handicap Allowances will be 25% for “A” Player, 20% for “B” Player, 15% for “C” Player, and 10% for “D” Player.  These allowances are per USGA Tournament Recommendations.

Multiple Flights will be established based on the total Team Handicap Indices.  All Teams within the same Flight will start on the same Course and Hole.  We will assign all Tee-Times and Starting Holes (1st or 10th Holes)

Again, we will have a full complement of Closest-to-the-pin and Long-Drive Contests throughout the tournament.  Please be sure to thank our sponsors for making this happen.

Gross and Net Prizes for each Flight.


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